English Niche

English Niche offers theoretical and practical resources for native or very fluent non-native English speakers aspiring to be English language teachers.

Pronunciation is an integral part of communication. Unfortunately, pronunciation is treated as the least important of the five language skills; reading, writing, speaking, listening, and pronunciation. Perhaps that is why pronunciation skills often correlate poorly with general language skills. There are many English second language speakers with advanced grammar, vocabulary, and literacy skills who are almost impossible to understand because they use stress incorrectly and/or speak unclearly. A prominent example is Günther Oettinger, former Governor of Baden Württenberg.

When teachers integrate pronunciation into language classes, word and sentence stress, vowel length and quality distinctions, and specific consonant sounds will stabilize. Do this and ESL speakers will have far fewer problems making themselves understood and a much easier time understanding native speakers.

Good pronunciation is speaking clearly, correctly, and being understood with little or no conscious effort by those listening to you. Improved pronunciation leads to more efficient communication skills, an enhanced self-image, and greater confidence.

We offer ESL Lesson Plans for teachers and those with little background or confidence in teaching American pronunciation or Grammar and we offer advice to English language students and teachers alike on all aspects of grammar and pronunciation.   Pronunciations and stresses are based on General American English (GAE).